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Red Line Plans - Licensed Premises Plans

What is a Red Line Plan?

Your liquor licence will be issued for a defined area. The defined area indicates where liquor can be supplied and consumed and is shown by a red line drawn on a plan of the premises. This plan is commonly referred to as a 'red line plan' and is a document which dictates where the boundaries of your licensed area are.

Red line plans are required to be submitted to the Victorian Commission for Gambling and Liquor Regulation (VCGLR) as part of the application process when applying for a liquor licence. In addition to this, section 101A of the Liquor Control Reform Act of 1998 provides that the Commission may also require you to submit a red line plan at any time. This is particularly important if you have made alterations to the layout of the venue. It is also a requirement that a licensee keeps a copy of the red line plan on the licensed premises at all times, and must produce the red line plan on request.

Red line plans must accompany applications for:

  • a licence or BYO permit excluding BYO permit for party bus
  • a variation of a licence or BYO permit that involves a change to the licensed area or red line plan
  • a transfer of a licence or BYO permit if the current floor layout of the premises differs from the red line plan lodged to the VCGLR
  • the relocation of a licence or BYO permit.
You will be required to submit 4 copies of your red line plan with any of the above applications.

Four copies of the red line plan are required, to enable:

• a copy to be provided to Victoria Police as part of the application process
• a copy to be provided to the relevant Local Council as part of the application process
• a copy to be endorsed as an approved plan and retained by the VCGLR
• an approved copy to be provided to the applicant upon the grant of an application.

What Form Does a Red Line Plan need to Take?

The VCGLR has specific requirements regarding what form your red line plan should take. The red line plan must contain the following elements:

  • be of a scale of 1:100 (1cm = 1m)
  • be on at least A4 size paper (graph paper is not acceptable)
  • be drawn in ink and be neat and legible
  • include the premises address
  • include a compass point showing north and names of the surrounding streets
  • define the boundaries of the property
  • outline the proposed licensed area/s in red
  • outline in red areas to be authorised such as footpath
  • show measurements of areas to be licensed, including authorised areas
  • show the basic functions or fixtures, for example, bar and dining area/kitchen area or in the case of a packaged liquor outlet, shelf areas where alcohol is displayed and the cash register is located.
If your red line plan does not meet these requirements, you may be required to resubmit your plan.

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